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My business philosophy is simple.
I inspect your home as if my own family was going to live in it.

Chances are your real estate agent will not refer Trusted Home Inspections and here is why: we are advocates for home-buyers (and not the realtors). Since we are independent from realtors, you will receive a quality report showing major deficiencies and health hazards. I will reference the Building Codes and the Manufacturer’s Specifications, to reinforce my conclusions. When we give you that information you may choose to act on it or to ignore; but you will get the information.

Advocacy leaves us outside of the real estate agent network. We are happy to be there without the handcuffs the real estate community requires.


John did a very thorough home inspection. He found electrical, plumbing, and construction problems that helped me get out of what would have become a money pit and terrible mistake.   Thank you John!!!


John did an outstanding job on his inspection. from checking every outlet to the attic to the foundation everything was caught and we were able to lower the selling price of our home due his quality inspection. the report was very detailed. and yes there was even pictures of what was wrong and how it should look. awsome service


Very thorough and informative.  Took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions.  He found many issues that had been over looked/undisclosed by the seller.


Excellent.  Inspection with engineer present.  This is the second time this inspector has saved me from buying a house with some serious problems.  Prompt, polite, very detailed and accurate reporting.


I can’t help but compare John Williams to Mike Holmes, the building inspector of television fame, for his thoroughness, his vast building information, his good will, and his commitment to consumer protection.


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Example Inspection Report

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Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If we inspect your home and you are not 100% satisfied with the inspection, you pay absolutely nothing for the inspection.
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